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XLR Gryphon
  • XLR Gryphon

    It’s not difficult to stand out in the crowd when you are holding the new XLR5 Gryphon in your hands. The unique TrueTimber® Viper camo, sleek black frame, and blue anodized elements are merely the sheath that yields to the beast within. Beneath it’s striking cosmetics are the XLR5 technology that makes it one of the most sought after semi-automatic platforms on the market today. The lightening fast Pulse Piston™ gas system is calibrated for only 2 ¾” target loads. This allows the XLR5 to cycle the lightest loads while providing exceedingly low recoil. Additionally, the proven TRIBORE HP™ barrel in combination with the EXIS HP choke tubes provide the ultimate in ballistic performance. The synthetic sporting stock has the Fabarm shim system to adjust the stock to your dimensions, and a special soft touch finish provides the shooter with a more tactical feel. A rubberized comb provides the shooter with added comfort. The XLR5 Gryphon is hungry for targets and ready to be unleashed. All that you have to do is yell, PULL!

    This elusive beast will only be on the prowl for a limited time. Only a small number will be produced. Contact your authorized Fabarm dealer today to secure yours before it’s gone.

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