Magnus Sporting

Seems as though all you hear about these days is the word change; changing your diet, changing your job, changing your mind. While not all change is good, it is the only means to progress. So we decided to analyze what we could do to make one of our most popular guns even better. Staying with the same general theme, we dramatically improved the engraving. Then we removed some weight out of the muzzle end of the barrels to make the gun handle better. Additionally, we created a new top rib featuring an 8 to 10mm taper and gracefully sculpted the rib posts. Finally, we re-shaped the stock and increased the mass for enhanced recoil reduction. The only thing that did not change is the price. Now that is progress at it’s finest. Interested in seeing the Magnus Sporting in person? Check the Dealers page for the nearest location to you! Or visit one of our authorized Demo Centers. AVAILABLE IN 12GA, 30". 32" OR 34" 20GA. 30" OR 32" 28GA, 32" ALSO AVAILABLE IN 2 OR 3 BARREL COMBO SETS


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