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Syren Tempio

Syren Tempio

A great bird gun has to be light and responsive. It must balance perfectly and be easy to carry during long days in the field. Unfortunately, a great shotgun is not particularly useful if it does not fit. When a shotgun fits perfectly the shooter will feel less recoil and be able to shoot accurately. That’s why the Syren Tempio has been designed specifically for women. Every stock dimension was carefully designed to properly fit the female anatomy. Particular attention has been given to the balance and overall weight of the shotgun to make them easy to handle especially in tight cover. The elegant action features a classic scroll and bouquet engraving motif. The wood is a hand finished deluxe grade of Turkish Walnut with checkering that incorporates a small flourish of carved roses to compliment the engraving. With all of these features and more, the Syren Tempio is the perfect companion for the American Huntress.
Available In:
20ga, 28" $4350 MSRP
28ga, 28"$4350 MSRP
20ga/28ga Combo 28" $6500 MSRP
20ga/28ga/410 Combo 28" $8840 MSRP

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